Esthetician Vs. Massage Therapist

Do you love taking care of people but are not sure which field you want to study? Have you considered massage therapy or becoming an aesthetician? These two fields are require a minimum amount of study and can pay off quite beneficially for its practitioners.

An esthetician is a skincare therapist. They also massage the face, neck, or shoulders as part of the services. They are licensed professionals in maintaining and improving healthy skin. Estheticians work in many different environments likes salons, spas, skin care clinics, and private practice. They also do hair removal, facial care, body treatments, skin care consultations and more. Massage therapists help to relieve pain and reduce stress with the use of their hands. Although, its description sounds simple, masseuse really play an important role in promoting the wellbeing of clients and patients. Both of these fields are for people who have nurturing spirits and many of their roles are complementary. However, there are some differences that must be noted.

Job description, Salary & Career overview

Estheticians must be licensed in the state that they are working in and are governed by the cosmetology board of that particular state. They must complete between 260-1500 hours of training and then be able to pass a written and technical exam. However, the average amount of training hours required is 600 hours.Additional training is required for the more advanced specialties. The salary is dependent on where you work, if your pay is salaried or commission based, your educational level, experience, and client base. The job rate is expected to grow by 25% during 2015 and 2020. The average pay for esthetician is approximately $38,000 (source: EstheticianSalaryData). All states except Connecticut require a certification exam for licensure. There are really no cons to this profession if you who are someone who loves to help other people look and feel their best.


The massage industry has a projected job growth of over 20% between 2013 and 2028. The median salary for this field was $35,000 in 2014. Degree requirements and standards vary by state. However to earn a degree in this field, most states generally require at least 500 hours of practice (source: Requirements and Continuing Education).


Long ago the two fields were more distinct and black and white. However, the lines are getting increasingly blurry. These two jobs are so compatible with each other that, to maximize opportunity, one should gain training in both.

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